Voter Registration Observation Update 2 Release

On February 9, 2017, the ECC from her offices in Monrovia issued a major press statement on the progress of the 2017 voter registration exercise in Liberia.

ECC observers report voter registration is progressing across country despite isolated challenges.

Monrovia, Liberia-The Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) shared its findings today on the first phase of the voter registration process (February 1 to 6) based on 249 reports from its 89 trained and accredited observers located in all 15 counties.

Oscar Bloh, ECC Chair stated “Overall, reports from ECC observers across all 15 counties show that registration is progressing across the entire country. There have been challenges, such as some centers not opening or issues with the cameras, but these have not been widespread.”

He added that “However, most registration centers lacked uniformed security and political parties are generally not deploying representatives to witness the voter registration process. Further, registration staffs appear to be unevenly requiring applicants to provide proof of eligibility.”

On the pace of voter registration, Bloh stated “ECC observer reports from across all 15 counties show on average 75 applicants were successfully registered each day at registration centers and that this number was increasing.”

In order to further improve the voter registration process Eddie Jarwolo ECC Steering Committee Member called upon ‘the NEC to ensure that all registration centers open at 8:00 am and that steps are taken to provide functioning cameras to those isolated center lacking them.” He also encouraged the NEC to provide data on registration by registration center to enhance the transparency and accountability of the process.

The ECC was able to rapidly collect, verify, and analyze data on the voter registration process because for the first time ever its observers were reporting in real time by sending in reports using coded text messages via their mobile phones. All reports are received and processed at the ECC’s Election Data Hub using a specifically designed elections database.

‘Liberians need to remember that if you want to vote in 2017 you must register in 2017’ added ECC Steering Committee Member Victoria Woille.

The ECC, is comprising 30 organizations that observes all aspect of elections in Liberia, has deployed 89 observers across the 15 counties to witness the voter registration process.


The ECC is a civil society platform that observes elections in Liberia and works in partnership with the National Democratic Institute with support from USAID. The work of the ECC can also be accessed on

Download pdf version of this release here: 2017-voter-registration-update-2-release-feb-9-20170208