Final Report

ECC Final Technical Observation Report of the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections

Executive Summary:
This overall observation report of the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) reveals that the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections were held in a peaceful environment although marred by technical and administrative lapses or challenges but not substantial enough to have undermined the integrity and credibility of the process. This conclusion, as affirmed by other observation efforts, was reached as a result of ECC observing different components of the electoral cycle and the deployment of long and short term observers as well as priority observers in all of the 73 electoral districts across the country. At every stage of the cycle, the ECC released periodic statements on its observations.

On October 10, 2017 1,641,922 constituting 75.2% of the 2.183,629 registered voters of the Republic of Liberia voted in the Presidential and Legislative Elections through a simple majority system for the legislature and a two-round absolute majority system for the presidency. None of the 26 political parties that contested for the presidency received a clear mandate from the Liberian people because none of the parties got 50% plus one vote to win out rightly thereby setting the stage for a run-off between the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) with 38.4% and the Unity Party (UP) with 28.8% of the valid votes cast.

On December 26, 2017, the run-off was held between the CDC and UP and 55.8% of registered voters turned out to vote and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) emerging victorious by obtaining 61.1% of the total votes cast. The first and second round of elections was generally in line with regional and international standards for democratic elections. The findings of this report are grouped into the following categories: Legal Framework, Election Management and System, Electoral Management Body, Formation and Regulation of Political Parties.

Read detailed Report here:2017 Election observation final report

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