About ECC

Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) is a non-partisan network of civil society organizations that monitors, documents, and reports on election issues to promote transparency and accountability in Liberia and strengthen the democratic process.

ECC is a champion of good governance and believes in the principle of democracy. It believes that all eligible citizens must exercise the rights and political freedom to democratically participate in elections. The ECC envisions a Liberia where citizens are knowledgeable, have public confidence, and credibility in the democratic process to make informed decisions.

Therefore the ECC strongly believes that promoting credible elections to increase public confidence in democracy is crucial for the peace and security of all modern societies. This philosophy is further reinforced by ten core values-credible, impartial, passionate, nonpartisan, accountable, transparent, neutral, networking and collaboration, and impact-oriented.

You can also gather more information about the ECC by reading our Fact Sheet.

Download our Fact Sheet here: ECC-Fact Sheet

Member organizations include:

Institute for Research and Democratic Development


Actions for Genuine Democratic Alternatives

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National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections

Center for Media Studies and Peace Building

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West Africa Network for Peace Building