Monrovia– The Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), a civil society platform comprising 30 organizations that observes all aspects of elections in Liberia, has deployed observers across the 15 counties to witness the voter registration process. We are issuing our second update, which follows upon our first update released on Wednesday February 1, 2017, the first day of voter registration. This second update covers the start, or first phase, of the voter registration exercise from Wednesday February 1 through Monday February 6. Overall, reports from ECC observers from all 15 counties show that registration is progressing across the entire country.There have been challenges, such as some centers not opening or issues with the cameras, but these have not been widespread. However, most registration centers lacked uniformed security and political parties are generally not deploying their representatives to witness the voter registration process. Further, registration staff appears to be unevenly requiring applicants to provide proof of eligibility.

The ECC has deployed 89 total observers – one county coordinator per county for each of the 15 counties (with an additional coordinator for Montserrado County) – and electoral district observer for each of the 73 electoral districts. All ECC observers were carefully selected and thoroughly trained by the ECC as well as accredited by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

All 89 observers were instructed to observe at a single registration center throughout the day on three specific days – Wednesday February 1, Friday February 3, and Monday February 6 – in their assigned county or electoral district. On each observation day, every observer sent in four observation reports based on a comprehensive checklist via coded text message using their mobile phones to the ECC’s Elections Data Hub.

The ECC received a total of 249 reports from its observers during this first phase of voter registration with reports being sent in from all 15 counties (see Table 1). However, six ECC observer on Wednesday February 1 and one ECC Observers on Friday February 3 were not permitted to observe as the NEC did not provide accreditation badges in time.

Download pdf version of the detailed report: ecc-voter-registration-update-2-20170208

Voter Registration Update 2

5 thoughts on “Voter Registration Update 2

  1. By the way, I am exceedingly elated and deeply touched by the success of this vibrant and innovative civil society organization, I say to you guys congratulations thus far for that magnanimous job well done. Besides, I am opting to contribute my meaningful quota to this recognizable civil society organization when I am granted such opportunity I am just craving your indulgence to have me inclusive in the metric of this national endeavors.


    • Thanks so much Mr. Bates for your interest in the ECC. Hope we can all keep the faith for the success this establishment.
      However, the ECC still needs increase in its capacity in many ways while getting this work done. So could you state in which way you can help to contribute your quota to the work of this body?
      You are highly welcome on board the ECC as we strive to promote credible elections to increase public confidence in our elections.


  2. Hey Folks, Thanks so much for granting me this awesome opportunity to serve in one of your prestigious positions. Well, I would love to contribute my overwhelming quota in any given position at your discretion or I could serve as ECC Observer on elections day in a specific locality.


    • Alright Alexander. We would be glad to have you as one of our many Observers to be used on Elections day. However, you just need to keep in touch here or on our Facebook page ( in order to remember you in time of the time recruitment.


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